Vertical Automatic Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter 120V White Color SN-K3A

$ 648.00


Vertical Automatic Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter 120V White Color

The outer casing is made from an impact resistant, flame resistant ABS plastic with antimicrobial coating.

An intelligent heating system will detect the ambient temperature of your washroom, automatically adjust the airflow temperature to keep running costs right down. Automatically adds heat to the airflow if it senses a room temperature drop below 25¡ãC.

A water collection system (800ml) collects any excess water to keep your washroom clean, tidy and safe.

Using the heated model on the high powered option provides incredible drying times of between 9 and 11 seconds.

The modern design and futuristic LED lighting make this a very popular addition to the most contemporary of washrooms.

It has a 2-level filter protection system , a pre-filter and a HEPA filter capture airborne bacteria to ensure your users hands are dried using clean, hygienic air particles.

HEPA filter is sterilized from microbes, bacteria and molds by internal UVC technology, prolonging its effectiveness and preserving its cleanliness.

Model A : Powered by a brushless, carbon free motor means there are fewer parts to wear out, replace or break, meaning this hand dryer motor has a long life reach to 7-10 years.

Model B : Powered by a high speed reliable carbon brush motor .